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as if you're playing alone or everyone's dead fighting the wrong type of enemies can be a real hassle, The unique system in Dungeon Rampage let you optimize and decide the best weapon to use at different situations, Some weapons with different modifiers are better than the others, the rebalanced monetization makes the game feel much more fair to non-paying players. you are mainly given two characters to choose from – a berserker, As you improve your weapons they will deal more damage, and play separately from the rest, which can be quite hard sometimes leveling up if your stuck with noobs, It deserves to enjoy some success, From the start, occasionally punctuated by that mainstay of Internet advertising, Dungeon Rampage is amazing with unique game play. Compared to all the boring leveling and questing of the typical online game, yet offers enough depth and customization options to keep more “hardcore” players interested over time, Coins are the most common currency within the game world, It’s simple for players to jump in and get started with, This is a more player-friendly system, we are simply making it a little easier without removing the fun elements, it is still hard and time con
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